Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Wired World

 Image source : http://royalgram.co.uk/

We live in a world
Of wires and cables
And tag people
By names and labels
We live in a world
Where abuses are hurled
As an open offense
Unity is a show off
Reality a thorny fence
We live in a world
Where lives are cornered
Cocooned In a shell
Untouched and un-bothered
We live in a world
Where human race
 Is self centered
Digitally connected hearts
Truth - bordered and apart

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  1. We live in a world where truth and lies seem to have synthesized into something else... a binary beast maybe

  2. So we do. However, there are still other aspects; may we cherish and preserve them!

  3. Well, that photo is quite disturbing, your poem not quite so.

  4. I like the abstraction here. Very insightful and strong.

  5. That's the sad truth of the modern world :-(