Thursday, 11 February 2016

Staircase to LOVE –The Rope Way

Every girl wants a perfect guy - tall dark and handsome, he who can sway his open arms in between mustard field like Shah Rukh Khan from DDLJ. I wished for a perfect fairy tale love story, but destiny has planned an arranged marriage for me. I met him for the first time in a cool November breeze. He was standing calmly looking at me smiling, shy. We got married after a few months with doubt and confusion still haunting at the back of my mind. We went to a lovely hill station for our honeymoon.  As he is tall he used to be always ahead of me and I would be left behind but he realized it soon and held my hands while walking. He always stood by my side and waited for me to catch up with his speed. I was too much excited the next day as we went to an amusement park. There were many kind of fun as well as pulse racing rides in that park. Now my husband is not very sporty kind of person. He is indoor type who is comfortable in reading a sensible novel or watching a movie. In that amusement park the most dangerous ride was the rope way which was almost  1800 metres high and underneath lay deep blue water and gorges and mountains.

The scene was breathtaking. I insisted my husband that we will ride the rope way. I could feel the tension on his face but as I was adamant on my decision my husband reluctantly agreed. After a few minutes we were seated in the cable car. We could feel strange sensation in our bodies. Strangely my husband was not at all nervous; it was me who was behaving like a sissy nervous rat. In fact I felt something churning in my stomach but my husband was bold enough to support me and he held me tightly in rope way and looked at my eyes. For a moment I was all lost into him, a moment so beautiful its expression cannot be defined in black and white ink. It was like a magic with a scenic beauty alluring us around. My husband even cracked silly jokes about jumping from the rope way for more thrills which made me laugh out loud. He made me feel comfortable in his arms and I lost count of time when the ride ended. On way back to hotel I felt happy and relaxed that I found a new person in him and all my doubts and confusion looming somewhere in the backyard of my mind suddenly vanished in chilled air of hills. Sometimes a sensible hare is better than a quirky rabbit.

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