Monday, 7 March 2016

With Love, My Sister

“Having  a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they will still be there” – Amy Li

You never realise the value of someone until and unless you are apart from that person and this also holds true in my situation. I have never been separated from my family. In my life of twenty six years I didn’t come across a situation in which I had to stay alone. My schooling, college and then my job all happened in my home town. Though this sounds strange it is true in my case. But then as people say “Ek din har ladki ko ghar chor kar jana parta hai,” so the day came when I had to finally bid goodbye to my family and shifted to Gurgaon with my husband.

And then it all started those precious memories with its beautiful stories. I miss my sister the most, with whom I grew up and shared the bits and pieces of my everyday life. Sisterhood means having a friend who will be there for life.  Growing up with a sister is the best part of my life. Going to school together, mimicking our teachers, studying,  having our dinner,  watching  TV and those innumerable things of daily life which I  never thought to be so meaningful  have suddenly become a cherished memory of a lifetime. I can never forget those evening walks on our terrace, strolling together, gossiping and giggling.

I remember sitting on the sofa and enjoying hot cup of chai and snacks. Taking selfies and pleading her to take my pictures in a better way and from different angles pissed her sometimes. But when I take a look at those pictures in my cell phone, I feel elated and think these simple things of everyday life add fun and little tadka to our memories. Shopping together and eating out on weekends were so much fun. She is always there to decide if I should buy a particular dress. Whether it’s painting our toe nails, and deciding which shade to apply or just lying down on lazy summer afternoons, she is my perfect companion and partner in crime. I miss my sister when I lookout for dresses or footwear because she is my stylist .She is someone on whom I can lean on for my fashion tips. From teenage crushes to awkward secrets we shared almost everything.

There are hundreds of incidents
And awesome memories
Those brightened days
And sunset glories
Growing up with you
Is like a joyful ride
I miss you sis
Standing by my side

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