Thursday, 3 March 2016

Into The Blue

This Blue Calls me
To indulge in its passion
Slowly working in liaison
I twist and turn
then run and burn
Swirling in its motion
Diving in love potion

This Ocean touches me
Embracing in its mystic charm
We tease each other
And travel further
I fall and feel
Then reel and heal

Cocooned myself in its
Thunderous cold currents
I forget this world
Sway in bits and pieces

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  1. Oh! This is absolutely gorgeous :D especially love the image of being cocooned in the thunderous cold currents - to be one with the ocean.
    Beautifully rendered. Thank you so much for participating :D

    Lots of love,

  2. Luv the twining of the ocean's caresses and the healing passion of love

    Much love...

  3. "Cocooned" in its currents what a lovely image.

  4. "I fall and feel / Then reel and heal" the gift of ocean...enjoyed reading the lines so much...a lovely write Anusha...