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My Cell Sale Tale

Yippee! I got a new job. I was very happy as my old salary which was peanuts, was replaced by a smarter pay package.   Moreover, the weekend was about to ring, and my elated heart started listing the things which I would buy, my pocket being little heavier than before. As my days passed in planning, the much awaited Saturday arrived, and being a book lover, I roamed about College Street in Kolkata which is famous for varieties of books from all over the globe. But apart from buying books, the next best thing I wanted to do was to replace my old obsolete mobile phone and purchase a new one. I did not want to throw away that old phone in a corner as it was a gift from my Dad. There were lovely memories attached to it so throwing away that phone would be a little disrespectful and would increase my guilt quotient. Thus, venturing the nooks and corners of College Street, my eyes started finding a particular book named ‘100 Ways To Sell Your Old Phone.’ Not that I was an avid reader of ‘100 Ways’ Book Series but sometimes on weekends like this you get such crazy ideas. I searched and searched, hopping from one store to the next. There were ‘100 Ways To Lose Your Weight’ (which wouldn’t look good on my bookshelf as the next kitty party was scheduled to be hosted at my place), ‘100 Ways To Lead A Successful Life’ (Hmm), ‘100 Ways To Make New Friends’ (come on, I already have a bunch of friends), but I did not find any book titled ‘100 Ways To Sell Your Old Phone’. Didn’t any writer, budding or established, ever get puzzled by the thought on how to sell their old phone, and think of writing such a book? Disappointed, I returned home without much success. I spent a sleepless night trying to think of 100 ideas, but not even ten ideas rang my mind on how to discard my respectful old phone.

Early next morning, as I was in the cold shower, an idea flashed in my head, ‘Why not give my phone to my maid?’ When my maid rang the doorbell in a few hours, I greeted her with a smile, “Kamla Bai! You always keep complaining of your small mobile phone. Here, take my Android phone with big screen. You can listen to music, watch movies, or even play games whenever you are bored.” Her lips curled into a smile, and my heart danced a happy jig, when all of a sudden I could see the change of reaction on her face. To my utter surprise, which quickly camouflaged into shock, she replied, “Madam, don’t you have that Apple phone? My son has said that he will buy me an Apple phone. Sorry Madam, I don’t need your phone.”

 My first idea flopped miserably. However, as they say, when one door closes, the other opens, and in no time, another idea popped up in my brain. I thought to myself, ‘Why not try the watchman of our colony?’ That evening, I waved at my colony watchman and asked him to meet me. When he came, I started with normal conversations. Then, sensing the right moment, I diverted the topic to what I had planned, “Hey, I have a surprise for you. Would you like to have my Android phone? I can see that your phone has a lot of scratches. So why not take my phone?”

However, his answer was not what I had expected. He said, “Ma’am I am already using two phones. What will I do with a third phone? Moreover, I am not comfortable with touch screen phone.” Tired of all my failed and futile ideas, I looked for one last twig to stay afloat. I thought of giving the phone to my neighbour’s teenage kid who was very fond of my phone, since I had loaded many games in it. I was sure he would not deny it, and he didn’t. But his mother did. This is how aunty (his mother) reacted, “Beta, he is appearing for his board exams. At this phase, a phone would be a distraction.
No Beta he cannot keep the phone.”

I was totally tired and depressed by now, the repeated failures doing me no good. As a last resort, I called up my best friend and told my sob story, and as always she came to my aid and suggested me to try Cashify.

“Cashify? What is that? A new beauty saloon across the block?”

“Ha ha. No sweety. It’s an innovative venture and it’s exciting. You only need to login to the website https://www.cashify.in/, select the electronic gadget you want to sell, choose its current condition by answering a few simple queries, and the offered price will show up on the screen. Your phone will be picked up from your home, and you will be given the cash instantly.”


“Just wow won’t do. But a treat will work just fine.”

I followed her instruction, and was able to sell my old phone for a few thousand bucks within a minute. I never knew that the process could be this easy. I thanked her.

And the treat happened at my place the next weekend. Thanks to Cashify, there won’t be any dearth of solution whenever I have any old gadget to sell going forward.

#CleanUpCashOut can well be the next buzzword for those like me who are trying to sell their old electronic gadgets. Cashify is just the perfect platform, and for someone looking to get some extra bucks, try the coupon code CLEANCASH while selling your product. An additional Rs 250 is guaranteed on the sale of your gadget.

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