Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Cloud Burst

the thunder the grumble
my heart does rumble
with pain and pleasure
all that I treasure
emotions corked up for long
tears stored forlong
sudden struck a lightning
insides blare out
I pour and pour
memories sweet and sour
and as the cloud burst
rain kissed the earth
revealed and healed
soul that was sealed
now open and ajar
peace not so far

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  1. You have done great work here with the rhymes and sensory images.

  2. I leo the rhyming scheme and the sense of purpose in this - healing does take time and practice - as your words and illustration cleverly convey

    1. Apologies for the typo - should read 'love'

    2. Yes true indeed and thank you for your compliments

  3. Not sure what has been going on with my computer but it would not bring up the comment box until this time. Not sure if it has to do with my internet working and not working. Big sigh!

    I read this poem more than once and each time had different feelings of where it took me. First quick read was as if I was a cloud anxious to let go of all the rain or feelings inside. Then it was as if I was a scorned lover and finally getting over what happened. I think I also felt as if I was someone who had suffered a great loss and then released all of my built up emotions one day and out they came pouring to find an inner peace I had been searching for.

    I love poems that can take the reader to many different places. This poem definitely does that.

    Happy Theme Thursday and thanks for playing.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you so much fir yoyr appreciation.I am deeply overwhelmed